Eileen Gray: Why Now?
13 April 2015

Eileen Gray, the Irish-born designer who was active in France during the 1910's and ‘20s, is considered one of the most talented figures in the history of modern design. She was the first European artist to adapt Asian lacquer techniques to furniture, a talented interior designer, and an avant-gardist whose house, E-1027, built on the French Riviera, is considered a masterpiece of Modernist domestic architecture. In a panel discussion — which included Cloé Pitiot, curator at the Centre Pompidou in Paris; Jennifer Goff, curator at the National Museum of Ireland; Adriana Friedman, director of DeLorenzo Gallery; and Sandra Gering, founder of the Friends of E-1027 — design historian and educator Daniella Ohad moderated and addressed the question: “Eileen Gray: Why Now?”