Danielle Quarante (b. 1936)
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Pair Of Doors (circa 1970)



Two doors from a single commission of seven doors, made in Formica. One door in Parisian blue, with a keyhole pattern in dark blue, radiating out from the doorknob and covering the whole door; the back of the door in plain, dark blue. The second door with vertical magenta and tan/brown bands, with a design of alternating horizontal rows of upright keyholes and inverted keyholes in black; the back of the door in salmon color, featuring in the center one upright and one inverted row of the keyhole design. Hardware in oxidized steel, with an “S” marking on the handle.



Height: 80 ½ in (204.5 cm)

Width: 32 ⅝ in (82.9 cm)

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Danielle Quarante is known for her work in plastic from the 1960's and was a professor in Nantes, France, for many years.